Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bedazzled Nikes

There is something I have been wanting to try as a DIY project FOREVER! Ever since I saw I saw bedazzled Nike shoes on Pinterest I have been OBSESSED! I had the perfect opportunity to try it out. I found some baby Nike shoes for sale for $10 so I had to get them. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up the things to bedazzle them. The glue usually used for bedazzling things is called E6000. It's super cheap for $4 you get a 2 oz tube. I also picked out the smallest little rhinestones, 3mm. I just picked the smallest ones because the shoes are so tiny! After looking at the tutorials on Pinterest I picked up pretty quickly. I started at each end of the Nike swoosh and then they met in the middle. You have to put the glue on a little at a time though because it dries VERY quickly! I unfortunately had to learn that the hard way. There's a couple spots that look a little rough haha, but overall they turned out amazing!!

After I did the baby Nikes for Kiarah, I had to have some for myself! I found some Nike Frees on sale at Scheels and used the same glue and rhinestones to do mine. I absolutely LOVE them both!!

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